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Overview of the 2022 Tour de France Stages

The 109th edition of the Tour de France showcased a riveting array of stages, promising both challenges and triumphs for cyclists and enthusiasts alike. The race commenced in Copenhagen, Denmark, embarking on a 3,346.5-kilometer journey culminating in Paris.

Stage 1: Copenhagen – Copenhagen (13.2 km)

The inaugural stage initiated with a 13.2-kilometer time trial, threading through Copenhagen's iconic landmarks, including the renowned Little Mermaid and Amalienborg, offering cyclists a glimpse of Denmark's cultural splendor.

Stage 2: Roskilde – Nyborg (202.2 km)

Denmark's terrain unfolded in stage 2, spanning fjords and hills, featuring three category 4 mountain classifications and culminating with a riveting ride across the 18-kilometer Great Belt suspension bridge.

Stage 3: Vejle – Sønderborg (182 km)

The Danish leg concluded near the Danish-German border in Sønderborg after 182 kilometers, setting the stage for a likely sprint finale with the Baltic coast as a picturesque backdrop.

Stage 4: Dunkirk – Calais (171.5 km)

Transitioning into France, stage 4 challenged riders with six categorized climbs, potentially favoring classics chasers and punchers over sprinters due to the route's ruggedness.

Stage 5: Lille – Arenberg Porte du Hainau (153.7 km)

A cobblestone-laden stage, presenting 11 challenging sections across 153.7 kilometers, tested riders' prowess and resilience, promising a rigorous test for contenders like Tadej Pogačar.

Stage 6: Binche – Longwy (219.9 km)

This grueling 219.9-kilometer stage traversed Belgium's Ardennes, featuring demanding climbs like the "wall" of Pulventeux, signaling a challenging ride towards the Cote des Religieuses.

Stage 7: Tomblaine – La Super Planche des Belles Filles (176.3 km)

Marking the first mountain finish, this stage introduced the daunting La Super Planche des Belles Filles climb, hinting at early duels among contenders vying for top rankings.

Stage 8: Dole – Lausanne (186.3 km)

Transitioning to Switzerland, the peloton navigated through mountainous terrain culminating in a grueling climb to the Stade Olympique, presenting a battleground for climb-hungry riders.

Stage 9: Aigle – Chatel Le Portes du Soleil (192.9 km)

Returning to France via Switzerland, this mountain stage teased forthcoming challenges in the high mountains, featuring climbs like Col des Mosses, Col de la Croix, and Pas de Morgins.

Stage 10: Morzine – Megeve (148.1 km)

A moderately challenging course interweaving three moderate climbs, concluding with a final ascent to Megeve airfield, tested riders' endurance post a rest day.

This article will cover all 21 stages with intricate details, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and highlights each stage presented.


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